• 料理 TAKAZAWA Photography by Yuji Honda
  • 料理 TAKAZAWA Photography by Yuji Honda


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I often cook and invite guests. I drink sake a lot. In this life, I like to spend my time thinking how I can make my guests happy, and how I can create a?pleasant sakazuki (sake-cup), how I can surprise people. Many chefs and private customers order their serving dishes order-made. I always feel relieved and rewarded when we both exchange ideas and my work satisfies the orderer.

L’evo  chef:谷口英司様
L’evoOwner: Eiji Taniguchi


I first met Gaku Shakunaga around 2013, a time in which I was very interested in French table ware and cutlery. We both had the feeling that we wanted to share something with the world. One year later, when I was about to open a restaurant with a new concept, I went to see and talk to Gaku. ?I asked him to create crockery for the new restaurant and after seeing the "Shikkoku" (Jet-Black) and "Nenrin" (Tree Ring) series, I had many different ideas. I was inspired with new idea for my dishes and shaken by the emotional power embodied within his creations. Now his work is my secret weapon. He is my partner, and together we enhance and elevate each other's art. ? ?

UOZEN    シェフ:井上和洋様
UOZEN Owner: Kazuhiro Inoue

 最近の飲食店は同じ器を使い同じような料理を出して、とういことが多くあり当店も然りでした。全国どこに行っても同じ器を見かけるような状態になっていることに良いこともありますが、地方でやっている店として個性を出せていないのではと疑問を感じ、かなりの違和感を持ち始めていました。 その頃ちょうどマダムから「富山に素晴らしい陶芸家の人がいるよ。」と聞き、近県ということもありすぐに工房へお邪魔することにしました。黒いレザーの質感は、よくある黒い器とは全く別物の気品と凛とした存在感を感じます。
 年輪シリーズは馴染みやすい色調と、かといって決してカジュアルにはならない自然の美しさが存在します。どちらもシンプルですが、料理を盛ってみて感じることは料理をより美しく見せ、器との調和が出来ます。器を含めて一皿ということが実感出来るのです。 既存の器以外に、こちらの要望を取り入れてそれを実現してもらえるという事も出来、当店の個性を出すという事に、一役買ってもらっております。

Many restaurants nowadays are using similar plates and serving similar dishes and my restaurant was one of them. Sometimes it's good that we see the same plates all around the country, however, I questioned myself and realized that I haven’t expressed our individual identity as a local restaurant and started developing a feeling of unease. Around that time, I heard from my wife that there was an amazing ceramic artist in Toyama. As Toyama was a nearby prefecture, I quickly decided to visit his studio. The texture of black leather that the "Shikkoku" series offer has a completely unique elegance and dignified presence compared to the average black plate.? The “Nenrin” series has both a familiar color tone and yet it's natural beauty is anything but casual. ?Being simple, both series make my dishes more beautiful and together they accomplish a harmony when presented. I can feel a sense of completion with every combination of plate and dish served. Apart from existing serving dishes, he accepts and creates the dishes I request. His works help to express the identity of my restaurant. ?

田尻本店  店主:犬島唯司様
Tajiri Honten Owner: Tadashi Inujima


The shocking thinness and lightness of "Nomisugiru utsuwa" series is extraordinary!? When you hold his cup against the light you can see your fingers though the cup. When you drink sake with his cup, it creates a sharp and dry taste owing to the thinness of the area where the lips touch. Mr. Shakunaga himself likes to drink sake and I can feel that it is a carefully created, top class, piece that elevates the overall experience of drinking sake. "Hirasakazuki (a flat shaped sake cup)" in particular, is a surprisingly light-weight sake cup. It feels like you are grabbing hold of the sake itself as Hirasakazuki is so light as to create a feeling of seeming weightlessness. This is the true sakazuki for drinkers.

嗜季   大将:今井友和様

釋永さんの作品の第一印象は、圧倒的な存在感でした。重厚感ある質感、繊細に研ぎ澄まされたフォルム、静かな緊張感を感じます。 お料理を盛ってみたいと思わせる料理人の為の器だと僕は思います。料理と合わせることで器の秘めている力が解放されます。器を最大限に引き出すために僕ら使い手の料理、盛り付け、しつらえも質の高い物でないと完成された作品になりません。釋永さんの作品を最大限に生かせるよう、僕の料理をぶつけて行きます。

My first impression of Mr. Shakunaga's works was irresistible. Dignified texture, sensitive yet finely-honed form and a serene feeling of tension. I think his ceramic ware has been made especially for chefs and gives them a feeling of pleasure when presenting their dishes on his plates. With the presentation of each dish, the potency of his plates will be released. In order to maximize the effect of his plates, and to create a sense of perfected work, everything including our dishes, presentation and final arrangement must be of the highest quality. I will pit my dish against Mr. Shakunaga's plate to maximize his works.

CAVE YUNOKI  chef:柚木栄樹様
CAVE YUNOKIOwner: Eiju Yunoki

釋永岳さんには、2009年にカーヴ・ユノキをオープンするときから、お皿を制作して頂いてます。 岩瀬での作家活動、お互いの仕事場が近いということもあり、当時からいろいろ意見交換をさせて頂きながら今日まで来ました。近年は漆黒シリーズ、年輪シリーズなどが全国の料理人からも注目される様になり、隣人としてもうれしいかぎりです。 今後の彼の活躍に期待します。

Gaku Shakunaga has been creating our plates since the opening of Cave Yunoki in 2009. Working as artists in Iwase, and working very closely, we have been sharing our views on many things from way back then till today. His “Shikkoku” and “Nenrin” series have recently received attention from chefs all over the country, and I am very happy to have him as my neighbor. I am looking forward to his future success.


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